Zurui family
Patron family: Mirumoto family
Clan: Dragon Clan
Founded: Unknown
Daimyo: Unknown

The Zurui family was a vassal family of the Mirumoto family.

Origins Edit

The Zurui family's origins could be traced back to the Gozoku period. To cement a Dragon-Phoenix alliance the samurai-ko Shiba Sasugo was betrothed to the yojimbo Mirumoto Hoan. Sasugo focused to devise ways to make the bushi more effective guardians for the clan's shugenja. The bushi she trained actively sought out any hidden threats, and only let the shugenja deal with it as a last resort. [1]

Founding Edit

Sasugo's children continue the traditions she passed down and the Mirumoto were soon numbered among the finest yojimbo in Rokugan. During a border skirmish between the Lion and Crane many Mirumoto Bushi died while their wards remained unscathed. The Zurui family was created in honor of this occasion, and Mirumoto Zurui, the last descendant of Sasugo, became the head of her family's line and Shiro Zurui their ancestral home. [2]

Duty Edit

The Zurui produced the most skilled and sought after yojimbo in the clan, ready to defend their shugenja charges. Marriages with the Phoenix clan were quite common for both genders. [2]

Dragon-Phoenix War Edit

Sasugo had joined the Mirumoto to propagate peace between their two families, so when the Dragon-Phoenix War began, the Zurui felt the breach. [2]

Zurui daimyoEdit

Mirumoto Zurui  ? - ?

See also Edit


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