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Zumiki-mihari (P20)

Zumiki-mihari (P20) in the Mihari province [1] was the watchtower that once stood watch over the Otomo lands, [2] a day's ride of the Castle of the Emerald Champion. [3]

Agasha Territory Edit

Though the Otomo had never had an aggressive military, the Isawa kept an eye on the most meddlesome of Imperial Families. The Agasha lasted three decades until they resumed the practice of spying on the Otomo, to be warned about the rude Otomo diplomats and obnoxious emissaries who would arrive to Kyuden Agasha. [4]

Caves Edit

There was a series of caves beneath the watchtower, accessed through the basement. Within these caves was a chamber where dozens of different natural crystals grew, and those meditating there could garner brief glimpses of locations elsewhere in the Empire. [5]

Since Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

Since the Otomo departed their lands after the destruction of Otosan Uchi the few Shiba stationed here merely served as an early warning of an attack. [2]

Known Caretakers Edit


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