Zhongshi was the oldest Yobanjin city. A class of thinkers emerged there and developed a cohesive system of values, the rujia philosophy. [1]

Government Edit

Zongshi was the oldest known city in the Yobanjin lands, founded over a thousand years ago near a curve of the Ponderous River, home of the Small River Tribe. Other tribes began to live there, and their senior representatives chose each year its governor. A set of rules maintained balance between the different tribes, preserving their rights and privileges and ensuring security for all. [2]

Secretive Edit

Zhongshi had never been visited by any Rokugani to keep secret its treasures, such as the statues of the forty-nine warriors who defeated Zurong, a rogue sentient Wyrm who reigned over the Yobanjin for a time. Other valuables included the oldest known scrolls with the fundamentals of rujia philosophy, and the Tree of the Gods, an ancient pear tree whose fruit granted wisdom and longevity. [3]


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