City of Gold

City of Gold

Zhengfu, which was known by the Rokugani as the City of Gold, [1] was a massive Yobanjin fortress that bore the mark of Isawa on its gates. [2] [3]

Appearance Edit

Zhengfu was the largest city in the Yobanjin lands. It was founded by three militant tribes after they agreed to cooperate with each other. The city's size and wealth attracted refugees during hard times, occasionally forcing it to close its gates when it could not accommodate any more. [1]

Visited by the Phoenix Edit

In 669 the Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Naho arrived at the city. Her forces confronted and killed a rogue Phoenix shugenja who had stolen several scrolls from the Isawa Library. [4]

Isawa's Last Wish Edit

In the second half of the 12th century Mirumoto Temoru spent time within the city and learned the Yobanjin language. From his studies Temoru concluded that Isawa had been born in that area and that an ancient race had created something very similar to the Isawa's Last Wish long before Isawa lived. [5] The House of Golden Flame was the estate were Temoru and his aides spent their time researching the ancient tomes that they purchased in the city about the creation and abilities of nemuranai. [6]

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