Zgkol was a zokujin of the Magn F'Chka clan.

King of the Trolls Edit

The First Awakening Edit

In 958 he, alongside other zokujin, taught Asako Gohiro a new way to channel the energy of the air kami in order to defeat the King of the Trolls: a gigantic beast that drew power from the earth spirits leaving the earth soft, weak and unable to sustain life; and who was recently awakened from its slumber. [1]

The Second Awakening Edit

In 1159 the King of the Trolls was again awakened when the Unicorn began excavations in it's home, the City of Night, below the Great Crater. The King of the Trolls started his travel from the place it had been put to sleep, the Dragon lands, to the Unicorn lands. Togashi Matsuo and Togashi Mitsu where scouting the southwestern Dragon provinces when the troll awakened, and when seeeking shelter the two monks found the zokujin Zgkol, who then put them in contact with Bayushi Ogura. Ogura was the descendant of Asako Gohiro, the last person to return the King of the Trolls to sleep, and enlisted the help of the Kuni Witch Hunter Kuni Junji. Together they were able to recreate Gohiro's spell, sending the King of Trolls back into slumber. The Troll Mountain laid near the Great Crater, at the mouth of the Seikitsu Pass. [2]

Sichi is Put to Rest Edit

During the time of the Five Races, the Tsuno had used the King Troll, named Sichi, as a guardian, and sent his spirit to a place of torture and madness, so that when he was awakened, he desired only destruction. Zgkol felt personally responsible for not being able to free the spirit of Sichi the first time the Troll King awoke, and had hunted for the spirit's prison since. The body of Sichi was once again close to where the Tsuno had bound his spirit, and his spirit had been forced back into a place of torment. Zgkol believed it was time to set free his spirit, and enlisted a group of samurai in the mission. Ogura, a high ranking member of the Shadowed Tower, had returned seeking to enslave the Troll King, but Zgkol used his magic to destroy an orb at Sichi's prison releasing his spirit. [3]

Friend of the Scorpions Edit

In the 12th century Zgkol used a Jade Figurine as a communication channel with Bayushi Ogura, giving information about what was happening in the Dragon lands. [2]


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