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Zenshou Tetsu

Zenshou Tetsu

Zenshou Tetsu was a Crane Clan fortress a few day's ride west from Wall Above the Ocean Village. Zenshou Tetsu was the closest Crane installation to their border with the Crab Clan. [1] The outpost served as a refitting outpost for scouts and a first line of warning in the event of invasion, using a resident Asahina Shugenja to convey the message to the rest of the clan. [2]

History Edit

From 1117 to at least 1132 the base was commanded by Daidoji Han. In 1132, on the night that Hitomi killed Onnotangu, the fortress was assaulted by a group of assassins from the Cult of Ruhmal. The cultists tried unsuccessfully to keep a group of samurai who were investigating the cult under orders from Otomo Banu from reaching general Seppun Yakkai in order to enlist the help of Seppun forces to eradicate the cult. [1]


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