Zenkai no Oni 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1126

Zenkai no Oni was an oni of the Shadowlands.

Kuni Mokuna Edit

Zenkai no Oni was a giant and hooved beast, which breathed fire. [1] The oni was one of the oni recorded in the Guide to the Shadowlands by Kuni Mokuna. In one of his scrolls Mokuna explained the weaknesses of the demon and secret of the beast's undoing. Zenkai no Oni was aware and eagerly sought the scroll. [2]

Zenkai, the oni of destruction, the fire breather. Neither jade nor crystal nor steel shall harm him. His black heart will only be pierced by the blood of its victim, wielded by its own without hesitation.
-Kuni Mokuna's Scroll [3]

Kashinto Mura Edit

In the early 12th century Zenkai no Oni discovered the scroll was in a library at Kashinto Mura. It razed the village to the ground with its fiery breath in a single day, no survivors left behind but a boy. [1]

Castle of Axe Edit

In 1126 [4] Zenkai no Oni moved toward Shiro no Ono. Somehow the scroll was lost by the oni, and it had been found by a Hiruma Scout, who placed the aged parchment in the Castle of Axe, behind the a statue of Osano-Wo, the Fortune of Thunder. Zenkai no Oni assaulted the castle and set it ablaze, killing many of its defenders. When the demon discovered the place where the Crab had hidden the scroll, it could not recover it, afraid of the Fortune's wrath. The oni devised a plan of deception, impersonating the murdered castle's Lord, Hida Saburo. [2]

Death Edit

A lone scout had returned from a journey in the Shadowlands, Hiruma Eikihiro, accompanied by a shugenja he had found there, Hiruma Sumiko. Zenkai no Oni as Saburo told the scout where to find the scroll, and once it was in the oni's hand it revealed it's true appearance. Somehow Eikihiro understood the cryptic words he had read in the scroll, and Zenkai no Oni was doomed. The scout first beheaded Sumiko, who had actually been the yorei of Eikihiro's mother, murdered twenty years ago during the destruction of Kashinto Mura. With the blood of one of its victims pouring on the bushi's katana, the oni was struck in the chest, and destroyed instantly, as Mokuna told. [5]


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