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Born: Unknown 
Parents: Daigotsu Arakan,
Un-named Lion

Zansho was a ronin bushi and sensei.

Chasing his Father Edit

His father Daigotsu Arakan had been a samurai of the Lion Clan before he joined the Spider Clan. [1] Arakan was Lost during the Destroyer War, while his wife was with child. She had no choice but to become ronin rather than live a life of shame among her former clan. Arakan corresponded with her for years, and after her death he sent letters to his son Zansho, who did not replied in years. [2] Zansho chased his father to kill him. [3]

Mercenary Edit

Zansho 2


Zansho sell his sword to the Crab, to assist in rooting out the last few pockets of the plague-dead that hid within the Twilight Mountains. He later served as practice for their more over-enthused warriors to beat upon. He was saving money to travel to the Colonies, to hunt his father there. [2] Zansho did not care about money, he cared about honor, so the ronin sought to be hired by any lord. In 1198 Zansho dared to spar jiujutsu with a large opponent, the Crab berserker Hida Chiyurei, to prove his worthy. [4]

Meeting his Father Edit

In 1199 Zansho met his father, Daigotsu Arakan, in the docks of Kalani's Landing. [5]

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