Please note: This article is about the Mystical kiho. For other uses of the term, please see Zanshin (disambiguation).

Mystical kiho were the least understood kiho. They often defied explanation and verged from being merely incredible to supernatural. Only a soul on the path to Enlightenment could truly master a mystical kiho, and even then they would rarely have a true understanding of the mechanisms of the kiho. [1]

Zanshin Edit

“Zanshin” translated to “remaining mind” or “lingering spirit.” [2] The term zanshin was abstract, roughly translating to "supreme awareness." Any kiho that did not fit neatly into one of the other three groups, Mushin, Aiki, or Kharmic kiho was a product of zanshin. Zanshin kiho produced incredible effects, comparable only to magic. [3] Zanshin was more than returning to a battle-ready stance. It was finding no separation in one stance or the other. [4]


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