Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Thrid Whisker Founder

Z-ee was a Nezumi Shaman of the Forever-Racing-Tomorrow Tribe who after his tribe split, founded the Third Whisker Tribe. [1]

Mad Prophet Edit

Zee was born a simple Nezumi among the Forever-Racing-Tomorrow Tribe. A Transcendent chose him to become a prophet, and drove him mad with visions. [2]

Forever-Racing-Tomorrow Split Edit

Several generations after the alliance with the Crab Clan was formed, the Forever-Racing-Tomorrow Tribe, the largest existing at the time, split due to a major disagreement as to how to best serve the interests of the Nezumi race. The tribe's chieftain wished to forge closer ties with the humans, so he took a large portion of the tribe and traveled north past the Kaiu Wall becoming the Tattered Ear Tribe. The Shaman, who felt that the humans would bring them all to ruin and advocated severing all ties, took a much smaller portion of the tribe and traveled farther west into the Shadowlands, becoming the Crooked Tail Tribe [3] in 389. [4] His visions had warned Z-ee of the chaos that would ensue if the Forever-Racing-Tomorrow split, but his madness caused many Nezumi to ignore his ravings. [2]

Creation of the Third Whisker Edit

Z-ee had predicted "a bloody beast rising from the night, built of ancient heroes made bloody with vengeance. The bloody beast's hubris will wake the doom of the Nezumi." Z-ee wished the Forever-Racing-Tomorrow to remain united, as they believed that only a united tribe could prevent the terrible future they had foreseen. He and his followers remained in the tribe ancestral territory after the tribe split. They named themselves the Third Whisker, as the Nezumi word "whisker" sounded like "a broken piece left behind". [5] They were seen as a nihilistic group of doom-sayers by other nezumi. [6]

Tribe's Heir Edit

Once a generation a nezumi was born with the Nm'atch-tekn, the "tomorrow eyes", which symbolized the vision of prophecy in the Third Whisker. He was selected as Chosen Prophet of Z-ee and pronounced as the tribe's heir, so he would become the leader of the tribe when the former leader died. [7]

Transcendent Edit

Z-ee became a Transcendent, [8] almost as if in apology. Z-ee's sanity remained questionable, tormented by visions of a time when the power of Name would be led astray by a terrible darkness. Though his vision of the future was pure, his madness sometimes caused him to send his aides on quests that seemed irrelevant. [2]

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Preceded by:
Third Whisker Tribe
389 - ?
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