Yusrah was the leader of a criminal cartel at Ryoko Owari Toshi, then later she became the infamous Ryoko Ninja.

Childhood Edit

Yusrah was a tiny and crippled infant who was born with only one arm. She was sold by her family to a traveling show who raised Yusrah. When the troupe moved to Ryoko Owari Toshi she became addicted to opium and was abandoned by her fellow entertainers.[1]

Ryoko Owari Edit

Her small size allowed her to hide in tiny spaces, such as under the floorboards of a brothel. This allowed her to gain information on people and she blackmailed a few merchants. Eventually she crossed paths with Ayako, the mastermind behind the "Ryoko Ninja". Ayako recruited Yusrah, and used her intrusion skills. In return Ayako cleansed Yusrah of her addiction.[1]

Ryoko Ninja Edit

Once free of her addiction, Yusrah's mind became more alert, more clear-headed and skilled. The first thing she did was to plan Ayako's death, and usurp her Ryoko Ninja plots. She used a series of "face men" to lead the cartel, none of whom knew all the details of the operation. [1]

True Ninja Edit

Yusrah did not know she had been motivated by the true ninja, becoming her puppet. [2]


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