Champion Shrine Village

Champion Shrine Village (D3)

The Champion Shrine Village (D3) was a small village in the Kousou province. [1] It boasted several inns, teahouses, and a single geisha house. [2]

Midway Point Edit

Located near the Phoenix lands the village marked the halfway point between Shiro Mirumoto and the High House of Light. Many important leaders of the Dragon had stayed here while travelling between these two holdings, and they often offered a prayer to the shrine dedicated to Togashi Yokuni. It was rumored that he used to stay here as a child, [3] and that the shrine had the power to bring visions. [4]

Barren Region Edit

The lands surrounding the village were inhospitable and barren regions, the ideal spot for an ambush, and there were several instances throughout history when bandits or Yobanjin raiders attacked important Dragon leaders and their entourages. The elite Dragon's Flame archers used the village as base for conducting their training exercises. [5]

Yobanjin Attack Edit

Around 1152 the Sword, Toturi Tsudao led to victory her First Imperial Legion against yobanjin riders. [6] After the Dragon-Phoenix War, minions of Tamori, the Dark Oracle of Fire, were plaguing the area. [5]

Champion Shrine Edit

Yokuni Seido was the shrine built to honor Togashi Yokuni, the last persona of the Kami Togashi. His son Togashi Hoshi was known to visit from time to time before his disappearance. [5]


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