Created by: Xing Guo
First used by: Hida O-Ushi
Currently in the possession of: Hida Kisada

Yuruginai, the Celestial Sword of the Crab, was probably the least used Celestial Sword, despite being carried by each Clan Champion since it was given.

Crafted Edit

Yuruginai was one of the eight blades commissioned by Lord Sun from the Xing Guo, the Fortune of Steel, and given to the Clan Champions. [1] It was a crystal katana which strengthened its wielder. [2]

Appearance Edit

Celestial Sword of the Crab

Celestial Sword of the Crab

Yuruginai was thicker than most of the Celestial Swords, and its handle and tsuba were intricately covered. The blade's new saya was decorated with jade inlays, enchanted to never tarnish. The blade was incredibly strong since its repair, and more than one blade (including a Kaiu Blade) had been shattered against its strength. Kaiu Tasuku, the Master Smith who fixed the blade, promised that if the blade ever broke again he would break his hammer and become a poet. [3]

O-Ushi Edit

Hida O-Ushi, it's first known wielder, preferred her dai tsuchi instead. [2]

Kuroda Edit

O-Ushi's son Hida Kuroda used it briefly, but it was broken and later recovered by Hida Reiha, [4] [5] during the Carpenter Wall Falls in 1159. [6]

Kuon Edit

The sword was repaired at the Kaiu Forge [7] for Hida Kuon when Kuroda fell to the Shadows, and even Hida Sukune, the Kagemusha, blessed it. Kuon had never wielded it, and Sukune advised that he use it to strike down his corrupted brother, in order for Kuroda's soul to be released. When Kuon faced Kuroda, in the form of the Onisu Kyofu he wielded it for first time. [3]

Wielders of Yuruginai Edit

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