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Yuri was a heimin maiden and a maho-tsukai.

Bloodspeaker Cell Edit

Yuri was a beautiful young woman who lived in Jouzousho village with her mother. The bastard daughter of a wandering samurai, she was resented, becoming a fanatic member of a Bloodspeaker cell based in Naishou province. She worked at the sake brewery with her secret lover, a teenage boy named Ota, who also joined the cult. [1]

Crimes Edit

The cultists abducted a geisha named Hana and killed a sake brewery employee, Joufu, in their own village. They also kidnapped Shidou, the headman of the nearby village of Aian, with his wife and daughter. Miya Kuboti, Nigai the laborer, Chu the carpenter, and Bondo the doshin, were the other cultists involved in the attacks. The blacksmithy worker named Kou was murdered by the cultists on the same night. A cloth from her kimono was tore by Kou during the fight. [2]

Exposed Edit

The most powerful maho-tsukai in the cult, an old woman named Chio, seized control of the cell from its leader, the monk Asai, and Yuri became her deputy. Chio stole from Asai an obsidian amulet, embarking the cultists on a parade of blood sacrifices, intended to enhance the power of the amulet. The crimes eventually escalated and began to affect the samurai of the sample cluster of ten small villages located near the monastery. Yuri eventually abducted Doji Urashii, a three years old child, in Mujitsu village. His father Doji Takozawa petitioned the governor Miya Ansho for help, who sent a group of samurai. They discovered and destroyed the cultists. [3]

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