Born: Unknown 
Titles: Ruhmalist Leader

Yuna the Maimed, Honored Tongue of the People, [1] Child of the Gods, Vassal of the Destroyer, [2] was a deific vessel of the gods worshipped by the Cult of Rhumal.

Kali-Ma Edit

Yuna was a follower of Kali-Ma, the Destroyer. He saw the birth of Sarna, a Progeny of the Destroyer. [3]

Destroyer War Edit

During the Destroyer War Yuna remained in the Ivory Kingdoms as the head of the Cult there, while Kali-Ma was warring in the Emerald Empire. His followers offered to Yuna ritualist sacrifices to strengthen him, [2] so he could channel the power drawn from them to Kali-Ma back in Rokugan. Yuna consumed a small portion of the power in the process, growing ever stronger as a result. [4] The Mantis set out to wipe out the remaining Ruhmal cultists in the Ivory Kingdoms in order to cut off the flow of sacrificial power they were sending to Kali-Ma. [5]

Ruhmalist Leader Edit

Kalima's Death Edit

In 1173 Kali-Ma was murdered in the Emerald Empire and the Destroyer War ended. Yuna would unify the cult with him at the head, so the period of disarray would not last very long. [6]

Age of Conquest Edit

In 1199 he was still considered by the Rokugani the mythical leader of the remaining Cult of Ruhmal. [7]

Preceded by:
Ruhmalist Leader
1173 - Present
Succeeded by:

External Links Edit

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