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Ichiro's Yumi

A Yumi

The Yumi was the favored bow of infantry archers and unmounted samurai. It was a powerful bow, but its symmetrical shape made it very unwieldly to use from horseback. It was only slightly less powerful than a Daikyu, but its maximum range was approximately half that of the Daikyu, [1] as it was designed to shoot arrows with a flat arc. [2]

Appearance Edit

The yumi was made of stiff wood for the ends and the handle, and elastic wood for the limbs. The wood was bounded by two stretched segments of bamboo. The ends bent away from the archer when strung and reverse when unstrung. The yuzuka, or the handle of the bow, was placed at the bottom third of the bow, allowing the archer to shoot while kneeling. [2]

Tradition Edit

Using the secondary release, the archer placed the arrow on the left of the bow, holding the arrow between his thumb and first finger, and pulled the string with the second and third fingers. The Tsuruchi advocated a new method, the archer held the arrow and pulled the bowstring with the first and second fingers, easier to draw, and shooting much faster than the traditional release. [2]

Notable Yumi Edit


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