Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Un-named Iuchi Shugenja

Yuki-Oro, or "Snowy Wind", [1] was a Maho-tsukai who came under the control of the Kolat.

Maho Edit

Yuki-Oro was a sociopath who longed for the luxury the samurai had so she used maho to gain power and wealth. Her husband, an Iuchi Shugenja, was the first who died in a blood sacrifice. She sold small netsuke and other trinkets in her shop at City between the Rivers. When her husband's business began losing money, she tried to magically sabotage her competitors. Several of them were gifted with her netsuke which released the kansen within when opened. These competitors became tainted, so they committed seppuku to clean their stain. [2]

Kolat Controlled Edit

The kolat conspiracy noticed her and took Yuki-Oro under their control to learn of her powers. [3] They offered to teach her a greater variety of spells and provided a stipend in return for using the netsuke on targets the kolat selected. [4]

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