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Created by: Unknown
First used by: Shinjo
Currently in the possession of: Unused at Shiro Shinjo

Yuki was the Ancestral Armor of the Unicorn Clan. It was traditionally worn by the daimyo of the Shinjo family.

Appearance Edit

Yuki was a very old-fashioned armor, with large, flat arm guards on each shoulder and a full-length mail hauberk slit down the front and rear for ease in riding. It was a deep purple, almost black. It was bound by bleached leather laces dyed lavender. The edges of the armor plates were gilded and in some areas decorated with gold traceries evoking the open plains.

The helmet was covered with fine white fur, said to be the mane of the first unicorn Otaku befriended. The mane was always clean and swayed in the breeze as lightly as spider silk. The helm was surmounted by a horn of gold and a terrible mask in the shape of a unicorn's battle snarl hung from the front.

Powers Edit

The armor was able to negate a great deal of damage and it's wearer was able to ignore the effects of wounds for some time. Yuki also caused allied riders and the wearer to move faster and cause more damage with their attacks. This ability increased proportionately with the experience and ability of the wearer.

Whereabouts Edit

Shinjo Yokatsu was the only Unicorn Clan Champion who deemed he was not worthy to wear this powerful garment. [1] The armor rested over Daitan, the Ancestral Wakizashi of the Unicorn in Shiro Shinjo.

External Links Edit

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  • Way of the Unicorn, pp. 109-110

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