Yuhmi no Oni 
Yuhmi no Oni 
Born: Unknown 
Children: Daigotsu Yuhmi

Yuhmi no Oni was an oni of the Spider Clan. It was made by Omoni from Daigotsu's severed arm. The oni sprang Daigotsu Yuhmi. [1]

Creation Edit

Daigotsu, the akutenshi known as the Dark Lord of the Shadowlands, lost an arm in combat, which was replaced by Omoni. The severed arm endured and Omoni used it to craft an oni for first time. [2]

Appearance Edit

The creature was terrible in countenance and power. Its appearance was nightmarish, a big human torso, spider-like legs, oversized arms ending in small legs, and its face covered in insect-like armor that resembled a mempo. Long black hair hanged increasing its bizarre appearance. [2]

Spawning Edit

Yuhmi no Oni released a single spawn, the creature now known as Daigotsu Yuhmi. He appeared completely human in every way, and wore a mempo that closely resembled the armor covering Yuhmi no Oni's face. [2]

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