Yufet, the hunter of the Jackal, bore the mark of those he preyed. [1]

Seeking Enlightenment Edit

Yufet spent many years striving to understand the Prophet Mekhem's message, to reach enlightenment. He needed to undergo the Test of the Ebon Stone, to understand the Prophet, and what was within the Ebon Stone. [1]

Inner Demon Edit

Yufet had an inner demon inside his soul, who had always been aware of him. Yufet had remained the ignorant vessel for his insanity, and his relentless quest for illumination had become twisted and distorted. He killed several times, including his friend the Ebonite Lazara. Anyhow, he did not remember the crimes, only had nightmares that gave him partial sightseeings of his actions. [1]

Jackal Edit

Yufet failed the Test, and was discarded in the sewers, floating in the Lake of Souls, as a Jackal. The Monkey Man took him and began to teach Yufet about the Dark Gods inside the Ebon Stone. The Test had given Yufet the knowledge of the monster he was. That had been the gift of the gods within the Stone. [1]

Hunting the Jackal Edit

Yufet was enlightened with his true mission, and he would not falter. He would hunt the jackal down like animals, slaughtering them mercilessly. Yufet understood precisely what they had become and who they served, the Lying Darkness. He bore the Jackal mark, but he would not ever bear their stain. [1] [2]

Yufet Alliance Edit

Somehow he gathered the called Yufet Alliance [citation needed] to fight against the Immortal Caliph and aided Adira to become the new Caliph. [3]


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