The Younger Races were created in the First Age by the jinn, children of Lady Sun and Lord Moon, Shilah and Kaleel. [1]

Enslaved Edit

After the First Jinn War, which marked the start of the Second Age, the Jinn Lord Kaleel enslaved the Younger Races angered because they did not worship their creators. [1]

Day of Wrath Edit

The races worked together and the Hakhim's Seal was researched. It allowed to contact Shilah, Lady Sun, who enacted the terible Day of Wrath, affecting the Jinn and the Younger Races. [2] The Ashalan have dedicated their existence to guiding the other races, peoples, and factions of the Burning Sands. [3]

Awakening Edit

The event known as the Awakening fueled the begin of the Third Age in the Burning Sands, the age of the heroes. [1]

Known Younger Races Edit


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