Yotsu Sumei 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Yotsu Yatoshin 
Siblings: Ureiko, Shoku, Seou, Seiki, Ukeru, Utai, Goju Kyoden

Sumei was the son of Yotsu Yatoshin and had seven siblings. After his father was given a family name he became Yotsu Sumei. [1]

Ronin Edit

They lived in the Mountains of Regret until his mother was killed by an earthquake which destroyed the hut they were living. After the event they left the Mountains for a safer place. [2]

Imperial Heir's Return Edit

In 1111 Yotsu saved the Imperial Heir from Bloodspeakers, at the cost of his youngest son. [3] Sumei accompanied his father and siblings when they moved to Otosan Uchi to return the rescued Heir Hantei Sotorii to his father the Emperor Hantei XXXVIII. Yotsu was given the Yatoshin name, and the children were invited to the Imperial Court as playmates and companions to the boy they had saved. [1]

Training Edit

Sumei went to the Scorpion Clan lands to begin training. He was accepted into a very exclusive school in the Shosuro lands and would be unable to communicate with his siblings. He was never heard from again. [1]

Death Edit

The date of his death was not recorded, but in 1158 Seou was the only surviving child of Yotsu Yatoshin. [4]


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