Yosho no Oni 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1125

Yosho no Oni was a oni of the Shadowlands.

Appearance Edit

The oni ressembled like a large fish covered in spikes and teeth. It looked almost like a pincushion, but with six mouths and long, springy legs. [1]

Dajan's Kolat Edit

Yosho no Oni was bound to Yosho, a minor member of the Dajan's Kolat. Asako Nakiro was a Maho-tsukai who had a gaki inside his soul, the Shimushigaki. Through its link with jigoku Nakiro could bind oni to others. Yosho was tasked to tend the shrine of the Bells of the Dead, which hung forged bells, as the original ones had the power to put the gaki back to sleep. [1]

Destroyed Edit

In 1125 a group of samurai arrived at the shrine, holding one of the original bells. Once the masquerade was broken, Yosho no Oni chose to take charge, tearing Yosho's mortal shell apart. The group destroyed the oni. [1]

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