Yoritomo family


Clan: Mantis Clan 
Founded: 1128 
Daimyo: Yoritomo Hiromi 
We are the children of the Storm. [1]

The Yoritomo family came to be in 1128 after the Mantis Clan became a Great Clan. [2] Since then they had been the ruling family of the Mantis, and the only family to be originally a part of the Mantis when they were a minor clan. Since the creation of the Yoritomo family, their daimyo had been the Mantis Clan Champions. [3]

Within the Family Edit

Mon Edit

The mon of the Mantis and of the Yoritomo family was interchangeable, and depicted the upper body of a mantis in profile, the clawed forearms poised to strike. It symbolized the courage and defiance of a clan and family which carved out its own destiny by its own strength. The mantis was usually depicted in teal-green against a background of gold—the Mantis Clan colors. [4]

A Diverse Family Edit

Interestingly, the Yoritomo were the only family in all of Rokugan with a bushi school, a courtier school, and a shugenja school. This made sense, however, when one considered that the Yoritomo's greatest strength was their ability to adapt to new conditions and challenges when the need so arised. [citation needed]

"The essence of war is violence. Moderation in battle is cowardice."
- Yoritomo Banner motto [5]

Politics Edit

Yoritomo Daimyo Edit

For a list of all known Yoritomo Daimyo see Mantis Clan Champion. The position of Yoritomo daimyo did not exist until the family name was granted to Yoritomo in 1128. Therefore only Mantis champions ruling after (and including) Yoritomo were also the Yoritomo Daimyo.

Vassals of the Yoritomo Edit

The following were the known vassal families of the Yoritomo family:

Schools & Paths Edit

The following was a list of Schools & Paths within the Yoritomo family:

Lands Edit

Mantis Islands 2

Mantis Islands

The following were known provinces under the control of the Yoritomo family; [6]

Major Yoritomo Holdings Edit

Minor Yoritomo Holdings Edit

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