Yoritomo Zinan 
Yoritomo Zinan 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1198

Yoritomo Zinan was a bushi and commander of the Mantis Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Zinan was a captain who bought the first drink for his crewmen once they reached shore and he reveled with them into the night. However, he ruled with an iron hand once they set sail. He enjoyed fighting into the thick of combat. [1]

Ivory Kingdoms Edit

Zinan was a member of a Mantis expedition to the Ivory Kingdoms during the Destroyer War. [2]

Death Edit

Zinan was the captain of the Wave Princess, but was killed in 1198 by his first mate, Yoritomo Nakoshi, who began to fund the Mantis with the cargo captured from Crane ships. [3]

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