Yoritomo Yukue 
Yoritomo Yukue 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Yoritomo Kajiko

Yukue was a bushi of the Mantis Clan. She became Yoritomo Yukue after the Mantis was elevated to Great Clan.

Storm Legion Edit

In 1124 Yukue was the Storm Legion Commander. [1]

Hidden Emperor Edit

Yukue served under the command of Tsuruchi when the empire was searching for the missing Emperor Toturi I. [2]

Tainted Edit

Yukue was corrupted at Volturnum, during the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, [3] joining the ronin brotherhood the Unbroken and cleansed her taint. She returned to Mantis to give her armor and swords to her daughter, [4] Yoritomo Kajiko, who was with the Mantis. [5]

Yoritomo Kumiko Edit

Yoritomo Yukue 2

Yoritomo Yukue

In 1160 Yukue was with the Unbroken in the Village of Broken Dreams when Yoritomo Kumiko reached the Unbroken to clean her taint. [4] Yukue remained with the Unbroken. Kumiko promised Yukue she would watch over her daughter. [5]

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