Yoritomo Yorikane 
Yoritomo Yorikane 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1166 
Titles: commander

Yoritomo Yorikane was a bushi of the Mantis Clan. [1]

Imperial Legions Edit

Yorikane had once served in the First Imperial Legion under the command of Toturi Tsudao, and bore an amulet with her seal in his obi. [2]

Study Edit

Yorikane had studied with the Kakita. [2]

Death Edit

Yorikane led an advance army to capture Fujita Mura in 1166 during the War of Fire and Thunder. The army had initally ambushed and killed the lord of the village, Agasha Oshu, but were halted by Kakita Tsuken. Tsuken had been protecting Doji Jurian, also killed by the ambush, and had vowed to save the village. Tsuken provoked Yorikane into a duel, calling upon his honor to leave the village be if Tsuken won. Yorikane was killed, and Tsuken made his men hold to the bargain. [2]

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In the fiction "Dawn of Lotus, The Mantis Clan" [3] which happened in 1167 Yorikane was supposed to be the captain of the Rising Sun, which was sunk by the Dark Wave Fleet.


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