Yoritomo Yagami

Yoritomo Yagami

Yoritomo Yagami was a bushi of the Mantis Clan.

Youth Edit

While a certain amount of adolescent brashness was normal in Yagami's bloodline, the young boy showed his earlier and and lasted much longer than typical of his family. As a result, his training was difficult as he faced the scorn of his classmates and his instructors. This scorn did not bother him, for he seemed to thrive on conflict, and he eventually was allowed his gempukku. [1]

The Temple of Kaimetsu-uo Edit

As a result of his personality, the young bushi was assigned many minor, unimportant duties. These culminated with an assignment to the a minor temple on a small island maintained by the larger Temple of Kaimetsu-uo. There, boredom ate at his being. Then one day, a small, older monk offered to spar with the bushi. Eager to fight, Yagami jumped at the opportunity. He was soundly defeated.

When he asked how this was, the monk's answer was simple, "Because, I did not care if I win or not." This idea was foreign to the young samurai, and the monk explained that when one focused on the end, the means suffered.

Yagami would spar with the monk nearly every day for nearly a month, never winning. After this, the monk offered the young bushi a chance to train alongside his order. Yagami eagerly accepted, looking forward to the day when he might win with such effortless effort. The day never came.

The bushi that emerged from the temple was a different man. He had come to realize he was nothing more than a beast, animalistic and lashing out to achieve his means. He learned to control his emotions and use his new found self discipline. While he did not become a monk, the brothers of the temple saw him as one of them, and looked forward to others seeking to learn the same lessons as the young bushi. [1]

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