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Please note: This article is about the Watanabe family Founder. For other uses of the term, please see Watanabe (disambiguation).
Yoritomo Watanabe 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 12th century 
Titles: Watanabe family Founder

Watanabe served Yoritomo by building ships for the Mantis Clan. The ships were innovations over other kobune of the time and were considered a water tight box. [1]

Sengokobune Edit

At the end of the 11th century, Watanabe created the sengokobune, which overshadowed the kobune in size, speed, and reliability. [2] His design had an outward appearance close enough to the kobune, to circumvent the Imperial Decree that forbade ocean-going ships. [3]

Vassal family Edit

After the ascension of the Mantis as a Great Clan he was named Yoritomo Watanabe, and he was the founder of the Watanabe family patroned by his Champion, Yoritomo Aramasu. [4]

Demeanor Edit

Watanabe was not a very good leader, just a fine shipbuilder. Aramasu chose several aides for Watan­abe to manage the family. Among them came the finest shipbuilders in the clan who swore fealty to the fledging family. [4]

Death Edit

Watanabe died two years after the founding of his family. [4]

Preceded by:
Watanabe family Founder
? - ?
Succeeded by:


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