Yoritomo Tsuyu 
Yoritomo Tsuyu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132

Tsuyu was a bushi of the Mantis Clan, who became Yoritomo Tsuyu when the Yoritomo family was founded.

Duelist Edit

Tsuyu was among the finest duelists produced by the Mantis Bushi school, and he was known for his animosity for the Great Clans, which were seen by Tsuyu as petty and manipulative. [1]

Scars of War Edit

Tsuyu was wounded in combat against the Captain of the Imperial Guard, Toku. Tsuyu had a scar which served as a reminder of the fight, and he wished to gain revenge for it. [2] Later Toku and Tsuyu put their differences apart. [3]

Death Edit

Tsuyu was attacked by Goju in Morikage Forest in 1132. He was then revealed as a faceless minion of the Nothing in front of Tsuruchi's eyes. [4] It was believed the real Tsuyu had been killed and replaced by a shapeshifter. [citation needed]

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