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Yoritomo Tsuki was a samurai-ko of the Mantis Clan.

Early Years Edit

Tsuki passed her gempukku at the age of eleven, after only four years at Dojo Raiden. Afterwards she studied briefly with the Tsuruchi family as one of the first Yoritomo to be allowed to after the absorption of the Wasp Clan into the Mantis. She did not excell at archery, but emerged with a great respect for the family. She was raised on stories of the heroism, wits and sheer battle prowess of legendary people such as Yoritomo, Gusai and Tsuruchi. She considered herself very fortunate that she had met the Little Wasp herself, and pursuing their examples she found a dedication to her martial studies early in her youth. Her life for the next twenty years was is uncertain, and she never spoke of them. The little that was know was that she hired herself out as a mercenary. [1]

Dojo Raiden Sensei Edit

When Tsuki returned to the Islands of Silk and Spice she was summoned by the previous master sensei. He died shortly after and she assumed the position, and none dared challenge her. She was one of the youngest sensei ever to hold the position at Dojo Raiden at a mere thritytwo years old. [1]


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