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Yoritomo Tsang 
Yoritomo Tsang 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1198 
Siblings: Un-named brother

Yoritomo Tsang was a bushi, kensai, and tactician of the Mantis Clan.

Training Edit

Tsang had a mania for dueling, who made him something of a disappointment to his mother. His uncle Yoritomo Minhiko found ways to turn it to their clan's advantage. [1] His brother was practitioner of the unorthodox Tanuki-jutsu style. [2]

Death Edit

In 1198 the tariffs of Minhiko's cargo were raised without motivation in the Crane port of Twin Forks City. Tsang championed his uncle in a duel to death, and he was killed by Kakita Sasa, the city's chief magistrate. [1]

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