Yoritomo Tarao 
Yoritomo Tarao 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1199

Yoritomo Tarao was a bushi and magistrate of the Mantis Clan.

Fudo Edit

Tarao was a corrupted magistrate who collected danegeld as an enforcer in the Second City. He met the monk Hyobuko, who indoctrinated him in the teachings of Fudo, an ancient and censored prophet of the Brotherhood of Shinsei. Two years later, Tarao began to read the Writings of Fudo. After fifteen years, Hyobuko left the city. In 1198 Tarao openly invited his friend Tsuruchi Yashiro, who had recently arrived to the Colonies. [1]

Gaijin Shipwreck Edit

Tarao finds a gaijin shipwreck

Tarao finds a gaijin shipwreck

Tarao found them incredibly useful the small, one-man craft that marked the smallest of all kobune. He sailed close to the shore of the Ivory Coast where larger ships could not afford, near the Crane port of the Aerie. Tarao found a gaijin shipwreck [2] with a blasphemous name [3] in the area which would be known as the Kami's Fall. [4]

Ivory Court Edit

This year Tarao attended winter court at Second City, while the colonial capital was being besieged by an Imperial Legion. [5] After the siege Tarao attended the Ivory Court which was presided by Kuni Daimyo Kuni Renyu. Tarao intervened when he heard that the Phoenix were blaming on Moshi Rukia the death of Agasha Ryo in the Colonies. He told that at that time winter snows had trapped Rukia in the Suzume Hills, a testimony given by a letter written by Sparrow Clan Champion Suzume Ryosuke himself. [6]

Death Edit

Tarao's Death

Tarao's Death

During the incidents that plagued the Colonies in 1199, influenced by P'an Ku's madness, Tarao was killed by Asako Karachu, [7] as punishment for his dishonorable actions. [8]

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