Yoritomo Tansen

Yoritomo Tansen

Yoritomo Tansen was a bushi and scout of the Mantis Clan.

Rift with the Crane Edit

Tansen investigated the Crane chui Daidoji Senshi as one of the instigators of the rift between the Crane and Mantis Clans in the Colonies. [1]

Conflict in the Colonies Edit

Death of En'you

Death of En'you

In 1199 driven by an external influence, Tansen had arrived to a small, abandoned sake house, where lived the monkey-like creature known as En'you, a shojo prophet. After he awaken from what it seemed a dream, all that he remembered was the blood on his sword, and the dying voice of En'you. Weeks later, Tanzen was gripped with an overwhelming sense of dread and shame, while a kabuki play written by Kitsuki Minori was displayed in the Ivory Court. It told about a prophet foretelling the doom of his own clan, and who was eventually killed by an unnamed samurai, fearing that if the prophecy were to be revealed, it would come true. In the play the samurai eventually committed seppuku in shame, with the rest of the clan mourning the loss of their prophet. [2]

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There Will Be Blood, Part 1A has a typo, and it is written Tanzen instead. See picture, flavor, and Storyline credit on CCG card Osano Wo's Bow from The Coming Storm CCG set. Picture is Tansen over the dead corpse of En'you. Oni no Pikachu 08:55, May 5, 2014 (UTC)


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