Yoritomo Takhime 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Three un-named siblings 
Spouse: Yoritomo Minoken 
Children: Yoritomo Minori

Yoritomo Takhime married with Yoritomo Minoken, a sailor of the Mantis Clan.

Family Edit

Takhime's mother had given birth to six children, and only four had lived. [1]

Birth Edit

Takhime was with child during the Destroyer War. Minoken was on duty onboard a kobune helping to resupply the forces fighting against the Destroyers. The baby was not supposed to come for weeks yet but the birth happened, but a girl was born dead. Takhime released her little daughter into the sea. Mere days after the stillbirth Minoken's death was reported. Takhime was filled with sorrow and her home quickly fell into a disgraceful state of disrepair. [1]

Minori Edit

One year after the birth, Takhime was visited by a serpent man who had an infant in its arms. Takhime recognized her daughter through a birthmark in her elbow. She took the infant and called her Minori. Somehow the Naga had taken Minori from the water, returned her from death with its strange and powerful Pearl Magic, taking care of her during a year. [1]

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