Yoritomo Sunagawa

Yoritomo Sunagawa

Yoritomo Sunagawa was a bushi commander and sailor in the Mantis Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Sunagawa was as hulking a brute as many had ever seen. He was an assistant of the Imperial Treasurer Yoritomo Utemaro, who was very appreciated by Sunagawa. [1]

Murder investigation Edit

In 1172 the Seppun Magistrate Moto Hotei was assigned by Utemaro to investigate the murder of an Imperial tax collector in Unicorn lands. Sunagawa was appointed as his assistant for the mission. They met Shinjo Kurimoko, the liaison to the Unicorn, Kuni Tanin, a Jade Magistrate who was there and had already begun the investigation, and the ronin Hatsuken, a doshin in service to the Emerald Magistrate Bayushi Arunsa. Hatsuken requested all jurisdictions should be ceded to him. He was struck by Sunagawa after he spoke disrespectfully about Utemaro. Hotei led the mission, and after a second man was murdered simillarly to the tax collector, the trails led to Moto Chiang, who had disappeared. Hotei passed the lead to Tanin, as the quest fit better for the Jade Magistrates, and returned to report. [1]

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