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Yoritomo Sen 
Yoritomo Sen 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1166 
Parents: Yoritomo Okan 
Titles: Captain of the Yoritomo Elite Guard

Yoritomo Sen was a bushi of the Mantis Clan.

Friendship Edit

Sen and Yoritomo Gombei were good friends [1] since their childhood. [2]

Storm Legion Edit

Sen was member of the Storm Legion, [3] and sensei of Yoritomo Satako. [4]

Elite Guard Edit

After his father Yoritomo Okan died in 1157, Sen inherited his post as Captain of the Yoritomo Elite Guard. In 1159 Yoritomo Kitao became the Mantis Clan Champion, and sent Sen into battle as a mercenary working for the Crane, and then to betray his Crane employers working for the Crab. His sense of Bushido recoiled, and shortly after Yoritomo Kumiko was revealed as Yoritomo's daughter Sen offered her far more than loyalty. Under his leadership, the Elite Guard rallied and ousted Kitao's supporters from Toshi no Gotei, seizing Kyuden Gotei as Yoritomo Kumiko's new base of operations. [5]

Duel Edit

Sen challenges Akimasa

Sen challenges Akimasa

Sen defeated by Akimasa

Sen defeated by Akimasa

Sen challenged [6] Daidoji Akimasa and he was defeated in the duel. [7]

Death Edit

In 1166 while searching for Yoritomo Kitao Sen was intercepted off the coast of Phoenix lands by a Phoenix fleet led by Shiba Tsukimi to be investigated for piracy. Sen was manipulated by a concealed Bloodspeaker, Asako Hirotsugu, who was the appointed shugenja of the fleet. The Mantis enraged by Hirotsugu's accusation boarded the shugenja's vessel, and was killed in combat by Hirotsugu. After he was killed a Black Scroll, the Wasting Disease, was planted on his ship by the shugenja to frame the Mantis, a scroll that Asako Kinuye had used to destroy a Phoenix village. It was the trigger of the War of Fire and Thunder. [3]

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