Yoritomo Satako was a bushi of the Mantis Clan.

Early Years Edit

Satako was born, raised, and trained in Kyuden Gotei. Trained by the Sensei Yoritomo Sen she was skilled in tonfajutsu and iaijutsu. In 1166 she was able to take part in the Test of the Topaz Champion but found most of the events were not well suited to a Yoritomo Bushi. [1] Satako targeted those who had thus far performed better than her kin Moshi Kiyomori, and attempted to defeat them, lowering their scores and slowly advancing Kiyomori to the top of the pack. [2]

Bayushi Eisaku Edit

After she defeated the Scorpion contender in the Topaz Champion, Bayushi Eisaku, he swore Satako would regret it. [1] Kiyomori finally won the Topaz Championship. [2]

Station Edit

Yoritomo Naizen granted her the position of a gunso magistrate in the Mantis fleet at the Tsuruchi coast for her work to help Moshi Kiyomori became Topaz Champion. She had the order to guard a Crane nemuranai - or its forge - found inside a captured vessel of the Dark Wave Fleet. [1]

Scrutiny Edit

In 1168 Satoko was still guarding the nemuranai inside a tower alongside with Yoritomo Batei. There appeared Tanari, a monk and former Tsuruchi leader, Tsuruchi, accompanied by a nezumi, K'mee. The nezumi believed that the building housed something that could be a threat to Rokugan. Satoko did not let them pass until a Emerald Magistrate, Tsuruchi Fusako, arrived there and ordered to gave free way to them. Inside a box was a katana that K'mee told was evil. The blade had a Darkness fate because what it would be done. Fusako took it to give the katana to Naizen and Satoko went with her. [3]


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