Please note: This article is about the bushi who defied Matsu Turi, the Dark Oracle of Water. For other uses of the term, please see Sasake (disambiguation).
Yoritomo Sasake 
Yoritomo Sasake 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Unnamed sister

Yoritomo Sasake was a bushi of the Mantis Clan, and captain of the Seeker of Yomi, a merchant ship trading with the Phoenix ports.

Family Edit

Sasake was born in the Faro Island and had a sister. He was at odds with his father, who served on a ship. He had given the sea his heart, and spent little time with his family at land. Sakake hated him when he was not present during his gempukku. Years later when his father died, Sasake refused to clain his father's ashes. [1]

Dragon of Thunder Edit

In 1170 the Dragon of Thunder was severed from Tengoku after Yoritomo's permanent residency in Tengoku was arranged. She dwelled in the seas of Ningen-do and the Mantis fleet rallied to defend her, being Sasake between them. The Queen of Storms granted to every Mantis family the gift of the thunder element. Since then, Sasake did not feel fear again. [1]

War of Dark Fire Edit

During the War of Dark Fire his vessel traded with the Phoenix, and shortly after it ended in 1171 the vessel was not allowed to continue. The Plague had appeared in the northern Phoenix villages. Sasake returned to the City of Lightning to send word of it, and came back home, the Faro Island. [1]

Demon's Thunder Falls Edit

His ship's lookout, Yoritomo Okitsugu, was courting Sasake's sister and returned with him. Okitsugu also had been lured by a legend Sasake told him: a monster who stole children and devoured their souls lived beneath the Demon's Thunder Falls, waiting for the hero foretold to kill it. Okitsugu came there and leapt from the falls into the sea below. Sasake decided to follow, he would not leave Okitsugu to face the Demon's Thunder Falls alone. [1]

Dark Oracle of Water Edit

Sasake found his lookout wounded and unconscious in front of the Dark Oracle of Water, Matsu Turi. The Dark Oracle proposed him a deal: his island and all his friends' souls in exchange for the Dark Covenant of Water (a lion-shaped miniature) and a delay before he would attack the Phoenix and Lion clans. It seemed that Sasake refused the deal and left the island with Okitsugu's body, to come back to his family. [1]

Forewarning of the Destroyer War Edit

Sasake did not understand part of the words Turi said.

"She is coming, and you have seen only the first of Her influence."
-Matsu Turi [1]

The words were telling that Turi knew Kali-Ma, avatar of Shiva the Destroyer and current Champion of Jigoku deposing Fu Leng himself, would bring the Destroyer War over Rokugan. The War of Dark Fire had been only the first of the events that would be unleashed by her.

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