Yoritomo Saitsuko 
Yoritomo Saitsuko 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named officer of the First Fleet

Yoritomo Saitsuko was a bushi and kensai of the Mantis Clan.

Shrine to Yoritomo Edit

Saitsuko commanded a ship, with Tsuruchi Sheitsu as her second. In 1200 they engaged Scorpion forces who were attacking the Shrine to Yoritomo. In the middle of the fray both contenders were confronted by Shadowlands forces. The sea was filled with a Sea of Skulls, whose maddening chattering led the crew to jump overboard, being the Rokugani slaughtered to a man. The Shrine was desecrated and the giant statue of Yoritomo was beheaded, a reminder of the Spider Clan that no Kami was above Fu Leng. [1] Somehow Saitsuko survived that day. [2]

Shourido Edit

Saitsuko, daughter of a decorated officer of the First Fleet, was selected as one of the few young samurai in the group of one hundred children fostered by the Mantis to the Spider Clan, to learn the ways of Shourido in the City of the Lost. The city was eventually attacked by Dragon forces. During the frey he saw a dead Dragon shugenja, and beside him a Dragon Samurai who with his last breath passed Saitsuko the Togashi's Daisho. In tuirn she passed the blades to Mirumoto Reiji, to be returned to the Dragon Clan. [2]

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