Yoritomo Rangai was a captain of the Mantis Clan.

Sailing between monks Edit

Rangai had been sailing from the City of Lightning to the mainland for years, allowing the Osano-Wo's monks to spread their word amongst Rokugan and communicate with their brethren on the mainland. [1]

Night of Thunder's Kiss Edit

Rangai and his crew used to be in the City of Lightning during the Night of Thunder's Kiss. This night, they came to the Temple of Osano-Wo. When rain began pelting the streets and rooftops with renewed fervor the monks performed the Thunder's Kiss kata, marked with the rythm of the thunderbolts. The shouts of the monks and sound of thunder began to crescendo, getting louder and louder with each passing moment. [1]

Tsukune Ascends Edit

In 1158 during the Night of Thunder's Kiss, the storm grew suddenly quiet and the monks silenced themselves as well. Something again boomed through the Celestial Heavens, but this time it was a voice only those on the temple grounds could hear, the offer Osano-Wo made to Shiba Tsukune to become the Fortune of Rebirth. When the Phoenix Clan Champion ascended to Tengoku half of the monks remained where they were. The other half slowly walked, one at a time, to momentarily pray before the altar of Osano-Wo and then left the temple to begin their new path to enlightenment. The Brothers of Rebirth had been founded by Osano-Wo's command to devote the new fortune in another place. [1]


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