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Yoritomo Ninsei 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: 5 unnamed brothers
and sisters 
Titles: Interim Governor of
Broken Wave City

Yoritomo Ninsei was a member of the Mantis Clan.

Family Edit

Ninsei was the second-youngest of five brothers and sisters, and learned quickly that the only way to stand out amongst them was to seize every opportunity for attention and accomplishment. While not the most capable martially, his quick wit and quicker tongue led him to be the family's most prominent child at the time of his gempukku.[1]

Resentment Edit

Ninsei's siblings resented their brother, and through manipulations caused Ninsei to be assigned to remote and uninspiring diplomatic posts across the Empire. In time he came to serve as a junior functionary at the new court of Kyuden Kumiko, little more than a grimy construction site in it's infantcy. Ninsei bitterly told himself that his opportunity to shine would come.[1]

Banishment Edit

Ninsei was banished from the Kyuden Kumiko court by the City Governor for arguing with a superior. Three days later, ironically, Ninsei ascended to his position.[1]

Interim Governor Edit

In 1169, during the terrible spring storm in the Month of the Serpent, a wall collapsed in Kyuden Kumiko. Amongst the many dead and wounded was the city Governor. Ninsei’s organization of the recovery and reconstruction efforts earned him the position of Interim Governor, bestowed upon him by the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Naizen. [2][1] During his time as Governor he lived in Kyuden Kumiko. [3]

Successor Edit

Ninsei suspected the Commander of the Third Storm, Yoritomo Jera, would be selected as the permanent Governor in time. Some in the court had questioned Ninsei's selection by the Naizen, although Ninsei relished the resentment of others. Despite this, Ninsei's ambiton meant he intended to earn the permanent position as City Governor.[1]

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