Yoritomo Minoken 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Yoritomo Takhime 
Children: Yoritomo Minori

Yoritomo Minoken was a sailor of the Mantis Clan who maaried with Yoritomo Takhime.

Sailor Edit

Takhime was with child during the Destroyer War, while Minoken was on duty onboard a kobune helping to resupply the forces fighting against the Destroyers, running up the rivers into the mainland. He was a brilliant sailor and his captain indicated he would be in line for a ship of his own if the war went much longer. [1]

Death Edit

Minoken died in the war. He did not know that his wife had had a baby, who was born dead. [1]

Minori Edit

One year after the birth, Takhime was visited by a serpent man who had an infant in its arms. Takhime recognized her daughter through a birthmark in her elbo. She took the infant and called her Minori. [1]

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