Yoritomo Masasue

Yoritomo Masasue

Yoritomo Masasue was a Mantis Clan mercenary and bushi during the Clan War and War Against the Shadow. He was also a Kolat agent [1] and associate of Master Tiger. [2]

Aramasu forsaking the Kolat Edit



Bayushi Aramasu wished to forsake his Kolat ties, so he bartered with Masasue giving them the locations of secret Scorpion ports. [3] [4]

Regret Edit

Masasue wished to atone his sins, and regreted his kolat membership, but Master Tiger did not let him to leave. [5]

Yoritomo and the Throne Edit

Masasue claimed the Mantis rights to take over the Imperial Throne, embodied in Yoritomo. [6] It was supposed a part of a kolat plan. [7]

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