Mantis Marine Troops

Yoritomo Marines

The Yoritomo Marines were the shock troops of the Mantis Clan Navy, generally the first to land onshore and last to leave the fight. These men and women were tasked with hitting hard and clearing the way for the rest of the troops. [1]

Tactics Edit

Yoritomo Marines

Yoritomo Marines seizing a beachhead

Being among the first to land for any costal assault, the Marines would not have any complex or advanced tactics. It was simply their job to hit the shoreline and clear all defences for the rest of the Mantis troops behind them. Considering that, their tactics generally consisted of rapid attacks against the enemy's entrenched front lines, with the goal of pushing them back and holding the territory they abandoned until reinforcements arrived. [1]

Dojo Edit

The Yoritomo Marines were trained in the Storm's Shelter Dojo. [1]

Known Technique Edit

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