Please note: This article is about the magistrate who had fallen to P'an Ku's madness. For other uses of the term, please see Kanaye (disambiguation).
Yoritomo Kanaye 
Yoritomo Kanaye 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1199

Yoritomo Kanaye was a bushi and corrupt magistrate, known for his brutal demeanor. [1]

Colonies Edit

Yojimbo Edit

In 1198 he was appointed as yojimbo to Yoritomo Kanahashi, a magistrate on duty in Kalani's Landing, in the Colonies. [2]

Pirates Edit

Kanaye was sailing in the Ivory Coast when his kobune was attacked by a gaijin pirate ship. He bruised a prisoner, who told how to reach the pirate's lair, a sheltered cove. [3] The area would be known as Kage's Rest. [4]

Exploration Edit

After the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime issued the Edict of Exploration, Kanahashi was sent to consolidate Mantis holdings in the unexplored lands of the Colonies. Kanaye came with her, and near a lake she created [5] the Lakeside Estates in the area which would be known as Red Lantern District. [4]

Forgery Edit

During the Mantis-Crane War in the Colonies Kanaye devised how to incriminate his enemies. He went to the Peasant District in the Second City and forced the worker headman Ito to forge the marks of Scorpion iron rods, requesting to alter them to make it seemed like the Daidoji made it. It would appear the Cranes were diverting their iron shipments owed to the Empress away for their war efforts. Kanaye threatened Ito to do a good enough job for him not to have to kill the headman to keep this quiet. [6]

Under the Eye of P'an Ku Edit

Yoritomo Kanaye 2

Kanaye in P'an Ku's dreams

Kanaye had come under P'an Ku's scrutiny, and he might become a Fallen, if he fell under the influx of the dragon's madness. [7] He would be transformed into a monstrosity who feasted on violence and blood. [8] Kanaye began to have a bizarre behaviour, and it was known that the preiestess Isawa Shunsuko defeated him in a duel. [9]

Madness Edit

During the incidents that happened during P'an Ku's madness, Kanaye defeated and captured Moetechi no Oni, and contained it in the name of the Mantis Clan. Perhaps proximity to the demon either drove Kanaye to madness, or at least made him more susceptible to it. [10] Kanaye also took Bayushi Makubesu hostage. [11]

Death Edit

Hinata kills Kanaye

Isawa Hinata kills Kanaye

Eventually Kanaye attacked Isawa Hinata. The shugenja was forced to defend herself, [12] and killed Kanaye. [13]

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