Yoritomo Jera

Yoritomo Jera

Yoritomo Jera was a bushi and commander of the Mantis Clan.

Third Storm Rikugunshokan Edit

Jera commanded the Third Storm, one of the three primary fleets of the Mantis navy, tasked with protecting all Mantis ports on the mainland and based out Kyuden Kumiko. Jera was considered an honorable and respectable samurai-ko by those she interacted with in the courts of Kyuden Kumiko, but a 'ruthless and unwavering resolve in battle' had made her some enemies. While technically subserviant to the governor, Yoritomo Utemaro, her athority nearly equalled his as the military commander. [1]

Establishing a new port Edit

In 1170 Jera had tasked Shireikan Moshi Kiyomori with establishing a secondary port south of Kyuden Kumiko but north of the Hub Villages. Dragon's Guard City had been perfect election, and manipulating the governor had been a ridiculously simple matter to Kiyomori. [2]

Dividing the Storm Edit

In 1172 Jera was told by Moshi Eihime that the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Naizen had commanded to divide her Storm. The other half would be passed to the current commander of the Second Storm, who in turn had passed his complete Storm to Moshi Kalani for a msision in the Ivory Kingdoms during the Destroyer War. [3]

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