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Yoritomo Iwata

Yoritomo Iwata

Yoritomo Iwata was a bushi and a commander of the Mantis Clan.

Kyoso no Oni banished Edit

In 1170 Asako Fosu paid Iwata to transport him, Isawa Mariko, and Seppun Tashime to the Crab lands. [1] Iwata later aided them in the battle against Kyoso no Oni, and wounded the Oni Lord. Kyoso killed several of his group, including Moshi Enju, a crew member [2] The Phoenix shugenja enacted a ritual that consumed their lives, but the oni disappeared, bound in a Black Scroll. Iwata was one of who survived that day alongside with Tashime and Hiruma Akio. [3]

Destroyer War Edit

Yoritomo Iwata 2

Yoritomo Iwata

Iwata transported supplies from the Empire to the coast near the Hiruma Castle. He aided the Crab defenders without profit. [4] His aid allowed the Crab to survive. When in 1173 Kali-Ma died, the monsters started to go crazy and they threw themselves against each other, and against the castle defenders. Iwata could not maintain his supply line, and near the end of the year he knew the Hiruma Castle would face starvation. Luckily, Crab forces led by Hida Demopen reached the castle and the isolation of the castle ended in the Month of the Tiger. [5]

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