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Yoritomo Iongi

Yoritomo Iongi

Yoritomo Iongi was a pirate of the Mantis Clan who obtained enlightenment.

Enlightenment Edit

In spite of what others thought, Iongi saw himself as a faithful servant of his clan and the empire. All things in Rokugan belonged to the emperor, but he bestowed them to his clans for safekeeping. Therefore, Iongi reasons, those who could not protect their charges did not deserve the honor of safeguarding them. It was Iongi's lot to determine, through the test of hard experience, who deserved the emperor's trust and who did not. [1]

Second Storm Edit

Iongi was appointed in the Second Storm, where he met a promising shugenja, Moshi Sayoko. Iongi introduced her to his sensei, Yoritomo Komori, who in turn sponsored Sayoko to his lifelong friend Yoritomo Kaigen, Master Sensei of the Storm Riders. [2]

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Yoritomo Iongi 2

Yoritomo Iongi


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