Yoritomo Ikemoto

Yoritomo Ikemoto

Yoritomo Ikemoto was a bushi and mercenary of the Mantis Clan.

Sailor Edit

Ikemoto was a sailor onboard a kobune making trips for his clan. During one of his journeys a raging storm menaced to sunk the ship. To Ikemoto's surprise a Storm Rider walked over the ocean reaching the vessel. The shugenja harnessed the rage of the weather, allowing the shipment could arrive on time and without complications. [1]

Follower of Kitao Edit

Storm Legion Edit

Ikemoto raised in rank when Yoritomo Kitao became Mantis Clan Champion. In 1159 he was appointed as leader of the Yoritomo Elite Guard and stationed on Kyuden Gotei. The former Yoritomo Elite's commander, Yoritomo Kamoto was neither dead nor dishonored. The Elite's officers refused to accept Ikemoto's legitimacy and were imprisoned. [2]

Kumiko's Coup at Kyuden Gotei Edit

The same year Yoritomo Kumiko, Yoritomo Komori and Kamoto led the Yoritomo Elite against its official leader. Ikemoto and his former unit, the Storm Legion, fought on Kitao's side. Ikemoto had to flee after Kyuden Gotai was seized. [2]

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